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No Vitamin C in Corn Syrup

There is no vitamin C in Corn syrup.

Yet this is what the vast majority of vitamin C supplements are made from!

When you stop and think... it just doesn't make sense does it?

There are massive profits in cheap supplements, but these cheap synthetic Supplements are NOT the Same as those that are natural and food based.  Yet multibillion dollar companies continue to churn them out in the name of profits.

They have limited nutritional value, and are full of absolute rubbish. Check your label carefully, and you might be surprised to see what's in your health supplements.


Chemical Corn

Going back to the corn syrup,  corn is one of the most mass produced foods in the world. And as such, much of it is genetically modified! And heavily exposded to glyphosate. Many of the processing factories are also producing corn syrup for industrial purposes. 

The heavily refined corn syrup itself is enough of an issue. But then it is further proccessed, exposed to chemicals, and finally... called a health supplement?


Natural Vitamin C

This is why 12 years ago we created change and pioneered 100% natural and additive free supplements across our entire range

Vitamin C IS essential.  And has so many benefits, but you want natural forms - ascorbic acid can't cure scurvy, but natural vitamin CAN.

So it's over to the wonderful Acerola  Cherry - packed with vitamin c, and so much more NATURALLY!

Any questions, or health advice needed, as always, get in touch! We are here to help you.

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