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Anxiety Eased by Probiotics

Anxiety is very common, and helping our customers find some relief from this issue is a passion.  So we were extremely interested to find some new research about the role probiotics can have.

In 2016, two fairly major reviews, drew together the work of many other studies (25 human trials), and found some interesting trends.

Much more work is needed, but we do know the gut and mind are closely linked. There were very positive psychological effects with the use of probiotics over several weeks clearly identified in both reviews.

Of course it will depend on the type and severity of anxiety.  But certainly where the system has become unbalanced over the time, and the subsequent physical issues that can occur with this, the role could be valuable.

And considering the wider benefits for the digestion and immunity as well, if anxiety is an issue, probiotics would be an excellent addition to try and calm to your system.

Supergreen Probiotic is an amazing product that provides many strains of friendly bacteria, and also helps your own body to naturally produce more good bacteria as well.  This is a far more advanced (and natural) way to supplement with probiotics.

And do add as many fermented foods as you can, there are lots of lovely and interesting foods you can enjoy. The Supergreen itself is fermented which is why it is so unique and powerful. If there is one food group and anxious person should add to their day, it is definitely fermented foods.

The following articles give lots of ideas and strategies for coping with anxiety. Firstly for quick relief when that rollercoaster is taking hold, try some of the techniques in 7 Ways to Quickly Reduce Anxiety

And for a more in depth look at things that can help, see this article - Natural Support for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

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