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Shake your Soya Beliefs - They Are Wrong About HRT

Trust Me I'm a Doctor really is an excellent programme, we loved their piece on the amazing benefits of Turmeric. It was great they touched on natural HRT alternatives. But VERY unfortunate they recommended the use of Soya for the menopause. 

We feel very strongly that most soya should NOT be used as a food or supplement.  The programme discussed women in the East having less menopausal symptoms. But they miss the key point that these women are eating FERMENTED soy in small amounts.  So it's yes to Miso, Tempeh and Natto and these have good benefits.  But soya milk and other highly proccessed types of Soya are not recommended. And here's why...


  • There may be links with breast cancer and estrogen dependant cancers
  • Soya is typically GM - personal choice, but GM is certainly not natural and not for us
  • Soya can interfere with the thyroid - the last thing we want to do during menopause
  • High levels of phytic acid can interefere with the absorption of key vitamins and minerals


So as you can see, modern processed soy products and supplements really have no place.  But again, traditional soy IS ok to enjoy as a healthy fermented food.


Other options for Natural Hormone Help?

On a much brighter note - we have two fabulous supplements on our range for ladies who need menopausal support - NATURALLY!  They are healthy foods and so good for you. 

Our favourite is Peruvian Maca, as this can be energising.


Flaxseed v Hemp Seed

The programme also highlighted Flaxseed for the menopause.  But in the long term, it can have inflammatory properties.  So we  prefer Hemp Seed and this can certainly be helpful during menopause due to the vegetarian omega oils and great levels of GLA. You can get this from us by telephone, and in your supermarket, but Paypal won't let any companies sell Hemp online so no online shopping for this one sadly. A sad situation for a nutritional oil available everywhere! 

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