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Turmeric - Trusted by the Doctor

The BBC1 Trust Me I'm a Doctor series is excellent mainstream coverage.

Recently they showed some fantastic results with Turmeric, and below is a link to an excerpt discussing some of the exciting results.


"Could one of currie's key ingredients contain the secret to long life and good health"

"There are claims that Tumeric can fend off anything.  From allergies to depression even cancer. But for once there is a hint of evidence behind these claims.  In many countries that cook with Turmeric, rates of cancer are suprisingly low"

Michael Mosley


Additive Free Natural Powder is Best

It is vital to note they emphasised it is POWDER Turmeric that is important to get the results.  

Our Turmeric is pure, whole herb POWDER and like our whole range is additive free.  And it's the very best medicinal quality you can find (far better than a lower quality cooking Turmeric).  It's a shame they didn't explain a little more about the benefits of a true whole herb Turmeric which has many active ingredients and benefits when in a true natural form.

Ordinary Turmeric is in tablets, packed with additives and typically a synthetic extract lacking all the biovflavanoids.It is NOT just curcumin that gives the benefits.  But ALL of the amazing nutrients in Turmeric together that help to improve health.  And most supplements on the market have very limited value compared to a true whole herb powder.


BBC excerpt on Turmeric Click Here

Full programme covering Turmeric HERE

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