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Making a Vegan Diet Work

We have many vegan customers. Some choose it for health reasons. But mainly, it is for animal welfare reasons. We are in total agreement with this as a lifestyle choice. Much modern farming has appalling standards. And we need to make changes in the way we look after animals.  Many of these customers come to us because of key supplements that can support this choice.

A vegan diet can be tricky for a number of reasons. Saturated fats, adequate omega oils and certain macronutrients are they key issues. BUT it can definitely be successful with a little care.

Nutritionally, we support the use of good quality meat and dairy, but totally understand and respect those who prefer to avoid.  For those who are happy with animal products, then we feel very, very strongly that you should always select free range and organic. Not only is welfare prioritised, but there are additional health benefits to organic produce.

So here's our look at getting the most from a vegan diet.


Don't go Processed

There are many man-made or heavily processed foods touted for a vegan diet. Choose wisely. Remember most soya is GM, and in general soya is NOT healthy unless it is fermented. So yes to fermented tofu (not all tofu is fermented, so check), but a better choice for soya is tempeh and miso which is always fermented, avoid the rest!

And do be careful with some nut milks and the like, some are great quality, some are not. The milks themselves are great, but cheap ones often have a lot of extra ingredients.  In general the ones in health food stores are much better quality.  Eat Real Food holds true for all diets, vegan or otherwise.



This is vital for good health. And those who argue against a vegan diet will often cite this as an issue. However, there are lots of super options for protein - lentils, beans and nuts all being excellent. And all of these can be the basis for lots of lovely recipies. Fats are key, and often a stumbling block and why some find their skin can dry and energy suffer when going vegan.

The key problem is that there is so much misinformation, and many say saturated fats are unhealthy. This is absolutely NOT the case. But a vegan low fat diet IS a problem. Saturated fats have so many important health benefits. So for vegans - the key oil to use is Coconut Oil. And enjoy avocados regularly. They really are amazing, and so key to a successful vegan diet.

Low Fat is Fattening and Low Fat is a Fraud will give you more information to explore on the saturated fat issue.


Omega Oils

Thankfully, there is an amazing plant oil that solves this issue. Flaxseed is ok in small amounts now and again, but can have inflammatory potential if used too much. So we prefer Hemp Oil. This is the most balanced way to get your omegas. Hemp has an excellent 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. And also some good moderate amounts of zinc, one of the micronutrients discussed below.



This is also something to take care with. The ones that present most issues are B12, Vitamin D and Zinc. So we strongly recommend Chlorella for vegans giving some good amounts of plant based sources of these. Here's an indepth look at why Chlorella is the perfect Vegan supplement.

Vitamin D is the biggest challenge.  And very difficult to get enough in plant form.  Food wise, mushrooms are the best source of vitamin D.

For a vegan diet, it is imperative to get outside every day, with arms uncovered, even in the winter if you can! But this is where a synthetic supplement may be needed for some people. There are some vegan vitamin D's available, but they are synthetic.  However this is a compromise that is worth it for D in the winter.  If you are tired, and low energy, and have unresolved pain issues (especially in women), then supplemental D may well resolve this. 

If you are vegan and happy to include honey in your diet, then you can also add the Zell Oxygen. This in our opinion is the best B Complex in the world.

We hope this is useful. Just keep an eye on key indicators of health, such as hair, skin and nails and energy levels. If you feel you need extra support, make sure you are covering all of the above adequately. Most of all enjoy your choice to be vegan and have fun with your foods.

Any questions or comments, as always, get in touch!

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