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Awesome Avocados!


Fruit should be enjoyed carefully, it's high sugar and best as an occasional treat.

But when it comes to avocados, you can eat these every day if you wish and your budget allows.  They are not the cheapest things, but the price reflects the excellent nutrition.  Demand has soared  by 30% in recent years. In 2017 we saw prices soar and the quality went down due to a poor harvest.  This year, they seem much better so far which is good news!


Good Fats

They are high fat. And that's why you should eat them! Mainly monounsaturated, like olive oil, this is perfect in the diet.  And don't believe the hype, good fats are so good for you - read more in Low Fat is Fattening.

If you're slimming they have properties that will help you feel full, and supply key vitamins and minerals that are vital for health and vitality, especially when working out and managing weight.  And amazingly for a fruit, they are  high protein, second only to the rare  Tucuma fruit from Brazil. So highly recommended after exercise.  


Amazing Nutrition

Per calorie, the avocado gives you so much. The nutrition is amazing - 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients are present.  And this superfruit also helps your body to uptake other nutrients more efficiently. With all 9 essential amino acids it's a complete food.  And of course avocados are packed with antioxidants.

Finally, they are also a good source of fibre, and we all need a little more of that in a natural form. 


Food Ideas

Creamy and such a lovely flavour, avocados are perfect in so many salads. They brighten up and add something a little bit special. Great with eggs (also so good for you).  Try homemade guacamole and you will never go back to shop bought,. Replace processed mayonnaise with a fresh avocado on sandwiches.  And add them to smoothies (not fruit smoothies, these are too high on the glycaemic index).

So as you can see, avocados really are awesome! ENJOY!

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