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Love Your Lentils!


There's a lot to love about lentils.  Traditionally not a favourite in the UK, we think you should use them 3 or 4 times a week if you can because they are so just so good for you..


High Fibre - High Satisfaction

They are packed with healthy fibre - three times more than processed rubbish such as cereals! And in general, the need for fibre is overstated these days, it was a bif of an 80s nutritional fad that stuck. A little plant fibre is good though, and we love lentils for this. The fibre makes them excellent for your digestion. They're great for all round health. And slimming. And they help you feel satisfied. 


Packed With Protein

This makes lentils especially good for vegetarians and vegans. But they are good for literally everyone, especially if slimming.  Protein Is a major component of  the cells in your body. It's packed with amino acids, and boosts your metabolism and immune system. It also helps with hormone balance and sleep patterns.  It is vital for good health and vitality.


Vitamins and Minerals - Naturally

Like all real food, there's so much nutrition. They are especially rich in B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamin K, and iron. Real food comes first for vitamins and minerals. And lentils are a great way to meet your nutritional needs naturally.


Organic if You Can

Whilst we feel buying organic is most important with meat and dairy. It is also the ideal for mass produced crops if you can find them and afford them. Or at least choose the best quality you can with good traceability.


Brilliant on a Budget

You get so much for your money with lentils, buy dried packets and soak as needs be. They go such a long way. Even organic ones in your health food store offer amazing value if you buy dried.


And So Versatile

Lentils lend themselves to so many dishes - salads, soups, stews, with meat and fish. They work with almost everything, experiment with the different types and dressings.

We love Puy Lentils and Salmon - what an amazingly healthy dish but with so much flavour too.  Have fun with your lentils!

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