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Olive Oil and Leaf for the Heart

The excellent Trust me I'm a Doctor team looked at Olive Oil recently and whether it's this that specifically makes the Mediterranean diet so good for the heart.

Although this is a long held traditional view, and the science is logical, it's been difficult to prove because heart disease takes so long to manifest. But new science has enabled scientists to study urine for certain proteins as a marker for heart disease.

Using this technique, they were able to specifically test whether Olive Oil helps heart health.  Participants took 20ml daily for 6 weeks. Half used regular olive oil, and half extra virgin.


Quickly Improve Heart Health 

The experiment showed an extremely positive effect and proves that in just a few weeks, you really can improve the health of your heart.  Fact!

Do make sure the oil is raw and unheated, adding to salads is probably the easiest way.

Interestingly, it made no difference whether it was normal, or extra virgin olive oil. However, we would still recommend extra virgin as it retains broader health qualities.


What about Sunflower and Rapeeed?

The programme also tested whether sunflower and rapeseed had the same benefits.   The TV team were surprised to find they did not. We however were not - don't believe the hype, neither of these oils are healthy!


And What About Olive Leaf Extract?

This is one of our very top supplements. Just like the oil from the tree, Olive Leaf Extract is also so good for you.  It is super for the immune system, and is proven to help blood pressure... naturally! So for heart health, this is also recommended. 

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