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Ditch the Diet Drinks

This week we've looked at the two very toxic sweeteners - aspartame and saccharin.

Please, please avoid ALL food and drinks containing them, especially drinks labelled as "DIET" - they are typically the worse culprits with more than one sweetener and numerous artificial ingredients.  They have potentially very serious side effects, make certain health issues worse (including diabetes) and WILL NOT HELP YOU SLIM. This is a fact. If you need to slim, you need to learn to love healthy nutritious food. Using diet drinks will not help you they will only make matters worse.  Your body craves what you give it.


Corrupted Research

We were horrified to see yesterday, that a so called "landmark study" published last year, by the notable Bristol University was funded by amongst others, Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co.  This information was not previously disclosed, apparently due to a lack of space! With that information to hand, you may not be surprised to read the study suggested diet drinks could be better than water for slimming.

It is absolutely disgraceful.

Common sense tells us the study was flawed without going into any of the detail.  It goes against many other previous studies, and every single piece of nutritional wisdom available to us.   But to hear exactly how strong the bias was puts the whole thing firmly to bed.

Yet still, one of the researchers claims this was important area for public health research and showed diet drinks could play a role. Really, how dare they? 


Junk Food Policy

We have written before of the madness of junk food companies being involved in food policy, it has long been the case. But it never fails to upset us that these people continue undermining the health of the nation in the name of profits, with government holding their hand all the way.

Do not fund these multi million pound companies with their clever marketers leading us all smiling into the happy land of diet drinks. They are liars.


What About "Normal" Fizzy Drinks?

Fizzy drinks are  included on the Government "Eat Well Plate". This is supposed to help people understand a healthy diet.  However, we do hear they are to be removed on the new plate, about time too. How they ever got there in the first place is beyond us!

All fizzy drinks, diet or otherwise should be removed from the diet.  Especially for children and those with weight issues.  Although we consider diet versions the worst possible choice.  If you want an OCCASIONAL fizzy drink at a party for example once in a blue moon, definitely have the sugar version not the diet! But day to day, they should all be avoided if you are interested in good health. 


Check Your Labels

Start looking closely, you will find these ingredients everywhere.  Nearly all processed foods have them, but especially diet and low fat products (Low fat is Fattening by the way).


Be Healthy, Naturally

Please choose real food and be healthy naturally.

If you need any food, supplement or health advice, we are here to help you, do get in touch.  We help our customers to enjoy real food the natural way, supporting with 100% natural and additive free FOOD supplements if needed.

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