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Saccharin - Synthetic Sludge - 300 Times Sweeter Than Sugar

We were delighted to see "Trust me I'm a Doctor" cover this. In a small but well conducted experiment, significant changes in both blood sugar and gut bacteria were observed with saccharin use. Not something that's good for diabetics then as they like to tell us. Or indeed anyone.

Sugar (NOT fat ... please see Low Fat is Fattening for more on this) is the biggest issue in today's obesity crisis. 

But Saccharin is not the answer.

Saccharin is a staggering 300 times sweeter than sugar.  Common sense on this point alone tells us this is not something humans should eat.


Synthetic and Unsafe

It's synthetic rubbish. Originally made from coal tar (as are many synthetic supplements). But today mixes horrible chemicals like anthranilic acid, chlorine, and ammonia. 

Saccharin is SO synthetic, the human body cannot metabolize it. Passing through the body unchanged, it is synthetic sludge with no nutrition, role or value.  On this basis, we're told it's calorie free and therefore of benefit.  This is madness.

Supporters claim it's safe despite various studies highlighting issues. One major study even suggested it poses a cancer risk. This rat study was later held to not apply to humans.  We remain sceptical.

Discovered in 1879, it was a so called "boon" to food to manufacturers and campaigners, and was heavily supported by President Theodore Roosevelt. He is quoted as saying "anybody who says saccharin is injurious to health is an idiot.”


Unsuitable for Slimming

The suggestion that someone with diabetes or weight issues should use saccharin is ludicrous.  If someone struggling with a sweet tooth eats something 300 TIMES SWEETER THAN SUGAR, you can be sure their search for  sweet will continue. The battle goes on.

The body craves what you give it.  Fact. So we must help people to learn to love real, healthy, tasty, nutritious food.

Saccharin is NOT the answer. Also see Ditch the Diet Drinks.


Other Sweeteners and Sugar Use

There are four other artificial Sweeteners - aspartame, (the worst in our opinion), acesulfame K, neotame and sucralose - all are manmade. All have health risks.  All should be avoided.

More natural, but still heavily processed, and far too many issues to be trusted is stevia. So it's a no from us on that too.

Very occasional amounts of natural sugar are ok if you like to enjoy a slice a of real cake or similar perhaps once a week. But we all have a responsibly to discipline our palate to eat healthy 95% of the time.  Use dark chocolate, halva and honey if you need occasional treats, perfectly good for you in small amounts.

We like natural.  Natural is good for you.  Eat Real Food in moderation. Support with real natural supplements where needed. Simple, and effective health advice.

We've been the UK's additive free supplements brand for over 12 years. We would love to help you feel better... naturally. Get in touch if we can be of any help. 


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