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May Day Not New Years Day for Slimming!

The New Year Band wagon sees the slimming industry begin the billion pound onslaught for the year.  But as some of you may remember us discussing back in January, we do not endorse the New Year as the best time for slimming. If your motivation is extremely high, then yes of course it can work, and go for it; but winter and high motivation do not go hand in hand for most people!

With May day having just been, if you do need to slim, the time is now perfect.  So here's a look at some of the issues, including why you may have struggled in the first part of the year.


Vitamin D Status

In winter months many are short on vitamin D.   And research has shown that adequate vitamin D makes it easier to slim.  So now as the days draw longer and longer, and we are able to enjoy more time outside, the body is naturally  primed to slim.  For THE best way to improve your vitamin D status naturally, see The incredible Fermented Cod Liver Oil.  Less important at this time of year, but for some people, all year round support is needed.  20mins a day outside with uncovered arms (NEVER burn) is key.

Anyone with pain that GPS cannot diagnose, which decreases in the summer dramatically, should have their vitamin D status checked with their GP.


Winter Padding

It's in our genes to carry a little extra weight over the winter, and of course Christmas has a unique set of challenges.  So firstly - never, ever beat yourself up.  And do not let people make you feel guilty about your weight.   This genetic predisposition that once upon a time helped us survive the winter is still part of our psyche, and of itself, can make it very hard to lose weight in the winter.  Not impossible of course, anything is possible with the right motivation, but it is certainly harder.



Now then, a CALORIE IS NOT A CALORIE.  We absolutely do not subscribe to the notion of all calories being the same, no matter how many people refer to the so called "Twinkie diet" - i.e. eat very little, but of absolute rubbish, and you can lose weight.  Whilst we go along with this to an extent  (we'd be silly not to) the body deals with different foods in very different ways. A calorie of nutrient dense natural food hands down beats a calorie of processed rubbish.  And over time, a diet packed with healthy food also impacts on other vital issues, not just weight, which is just one part of overall health and wellness.

But COUNT - A LITTLE BIT - That said, in  the winter, we all tend to eat more, and again, this is likely in part due to the genetic points made above.   And whilst the argument still rages about calorie counting, the process can be very helpful.  We are not advocating reducing calories as a diet method in and of itself, but if you monitor your calories, you may be surprised by how much you actually consume. And therein is the real benefit - because once you monitor,  it's natural to adjust poor lifestyle habits.  Nearly everyone underestimates how much they eat, studies have shown this is often by very dramatic amounts.  When you count it all up, you may be surpised both by the amount of food, and the impact this has on your understanding of, and motivation for a healthy lifestyle.

HOW? There are lots of apps that will do this, but online, this free site is really very good as a model just to give you an idea where you are at with your calories and slimming goals -


Metabolic Set Point

We all tend to have a weight we will naturally swing too, and especially in the winter, we may find ourselves back at that weight which is not necessarily the healthiest for us.  Again, NEVER, ever beat yourself up over food and weight.  Even just awareness of that set point can be useful, especially if you feel you are working hard but not making progress - keep going! If you get stuck at this "set point" sometimes change is happening, but you may not see it on the scales, stay focused, and once you create a new set point, it will be easier to stay there.


Muscle v Fat

You do see some funny things about muscle weighing more than fat.  Clearly this is no more true than a pound of feathers weighing more than a pound of something else! BUT muscle is denser, and takes up far less space.  So if you are active, you may well look much slimmer, but weigh the same.  So do make sure you take measurements and don't just monitor the scales.


Lifestyle not Diet

For the greatest slimming success, you need to change your lifestyle, and make it a permanent change.  We provide free guidelines with all orders on "Eating Naturally" and for many people this is sufficient.


7 Days to A Slimmer You

But because some people need a little bit if extra help we wrote and tested a fantastic programme that 's easy to follow and really works. 

It allows for treats on a weekend, and just requires one or two stints of short term fasting which is not only good for slimming, but also your immune system, metabolism and blood sugar levels. And the benefits for your discipline and relationship with food can be truly incredible. Everyone that sticks with this fantastic simple programme,  find in just a few weeks that they've made a permanent shift to a really fun and enjoyable lifestyle that helps you slim - naturally!

Click the link for  the innovative 7 Days to a Slimmer You


Finally - The Paradox of Intention

We love this concept from Vishen Lakhiani...

"You must have goals. But your happiness cannot be tied to these goals. You MUST be happy BEFORE you attain them. You will accelerate towards your dreams faster if you are happy in the now"

So for a truly healthy lifestyle, and good relationship with food, you need to be happy with your body as it is today.  By being happy and grateful, and appreciate, then you give yourself a solid foundation to be slim and healthy.  And then, it's much easier to make the final change

As always, any questions, or anything we can help with - get in touch!

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