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How to Hibernate!

Has your appetite increased in the past couple of weeks? Don't worry, this is perfectly natural, and you are definitely not alone!

There are age old biological issues at play here.  So if you are finding this transition into winter time is making your jeans a little tighter, then let's see if we can address some of the issues and make your "hibernation" a little healthier!


Don't Beat Yourself Up!

Firstly, never ever feel guilty about food. Women especially these days are subject to a lot of propaganda and pressure when it comes to their weight.  And this can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food, which then in itself is part of the issue.

So take a breath, and remember that your human instincts to survive the winter are coming into play here.  There is no need to feel guilty about a clever piece of human design!


Stay Hydrated

A key issue here is hydration.  In warm weather we naturally keep water intake higher, as we get colder, intake drops.  Because we often mistake dehydration for hunger, this in itself can cause us to want to eat more.  And good hydration is an absolute foundation for all round health and vitality.

So for ALL people, especially those maintaining slimming goals, it is vital you drink more in this cold weather.  If cold water doesn't feel right, switch to herbal teas through the colder months.  There are so many beautiful flavours around these days, there is bound to be some you can enjoy.   Chamomile is especially good for you. Keep tea and coffee to two cups maximum and add a cup of green tea for superb all round benefits too.


How Much Water?

This is a very tricky question, and figures are often bandied about with very little science.  A litre a day is likely a good guideline minimum for most. BUT this is not a rule.  There is a simple check here - your urine should be pale in colour - a sort of pale straw colour is a good guideline.  If your urine is dark, then you need to drink more.  If you are drinking sufficient quantities of water, but urine remains dark, this may need a discussion with your GP, especially if you are in an older age group.


Maintain Movement if Possible

For most people, there is no evidence we actually need more food at this time of year.  In fact, with cold dark winter nights cuddled in front of the fire, in fact the opposite may be true.   If your exercise levels stay around the same however, it's fantastic to maintain good movement through the winter months as it will keep your body at the optimum.

And especially if you suffer from CFS, arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions that worsen in the winter, if you can stay active, your body will thank you.  If pain levels are higher in the winter, this can sometimes be a vitamin D issue, for the best way in the world to top up Vitamin D naturally, see the Fermented Cod Liver Oil.


Stay Focused

As thoughts turn to Christmas, it is easy to lose connection with health and fitness goals at this time of year.  Come New Year, society will start loading the New Year Resolution pressure.  And whist resolutions are not inherently bad, it is better to make real lifestyle changes when it comes to health and our relationship with food.  So before Christmas really gets here, spend some time writing some personal goals, and plans to keep you focused on the right things over the winter. 

This is especially true when it comes to your weight - if you eat more from now until the New Year, you are giving yourself unnecessary work!  Try to really engage with the WHY and the emotion of wanting to be healthy and slim, and you are guaranteed greater success.


Enjoy it!

Easier said than done perhaps.  But it is important and natural for the body to rest a little and be quieter at this time of year.  Enjoy those log fires and cosy nights, reflect on the year, and look forward to the next.  It is natural to hibernate a little after all!  This time of year helps us to appreciate other times even more.  And there is plenty to love about the colours and the food, and the cosiness of the Autumn. 


We love the Danish concept of Hygge - this roughly translates as cosy time with friends and family. One of the foods the Danish associate with this is porridge.  People are much happier in Scandinavia than here in the UK, yet they spend a lot more time in a climate that's cold and dark. Read more about this here

But as above, don't completely shut down, keep movement up, get outside, but do remember that Healthy Neck Scarf!



Seasonal Affective disorder is well documented, and for those who really find their mood plummeting, it is worth looking into the lights especially to combat this. We don't have direct experience to recommend a brand at this time, but we may stock the SAD lights in the future. Do let us know if you try a product and get on well with it.

But for all of us, the lack of light affects our vitamin D levels, and other aspects of health too.  If at all possible, try and get outside in your lunch break, even in those cloudy grey skies, and at the weekends too. 



Going back to the knowledge that it is a natural biological reaction to eat more at this time of year even though we don't need to, it is important to work WITH your body.  So if you feel those food cravings, put some thought into what you are eating.  Satisfy mind and body with rich homemade soups and stews packed with vegetables AND vitamins and minerals.  so easy to do for the whole family, and also to make enough for a couple of days.

And to ensure you have all bases covered, adding for example Chlorella from the Broad Spectrum Range to enhance your overall nutritional intake can help matters too.

If immune system issues are a concern, please refer to Our Autumn Immunity Article


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