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Turmeric, the Mind & Why Whole Herb is Best

Turmeric is one of our most favourite herbs.  It has far reaching therapeutic power.

Following new studies, recently the press covered some excellent results with Turmeric and certain neurodegenerative diseases.  The results are exciting.  And as a preventative, a little regular turmeric  is worthwhile for many. It's a useful protection against many issues, good for the digestion and soothing inflammation as well as adding useful phytonutrients in a natural form.  Notably, of all the spice type herbs, turmeric is one of very richest in antioxidants.


Is it the Curcumin?

We're often asked how much curcumin our additive free, whole herb turmeric contains.  But because we supply a whole herb, the picture is SO much bigger than this.  So whilst the Curcumin content will always be in excess of 3% being top quality and grown to organic standards, the other 97% of the turmeric is also extremely important.

For example, the recent research flags up the nutrient ar-turmerone, another major bioactive compound found in this amazing herb.  But there are many, many vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients in whole herb turmeric.  

It is the combination of ALL nutrients working together than provides the healing power.  Reducing complex herbs to single, synthetic pharmaceutical extracts containing just curcumin (for example) is such a limited approach to nutritional therapy.  Nature is far more complex than that.  And science barely understands how herbs really work.


Safety, Dose and Extracts

It's worth mentioning that high dose synthetic extracts have far more potential for side effect that whole herbs.  This isn't an issue especially with Turmeric, but worth noting as a general principle because it gets to the essence of why of a whole herb is so different to an extract. 

And more isn't always more. The trend to very high dose vitamins and extracts has not led to greater benefits. The modern marketing machines that sell bigger = better fail to understand the value of real nutritional therapy.

Extracts CAN have their place, and we are absolutely not suggesting they are inherently bad.  Especially sometimes in a more clinical setting / need, they can be valuable.  But for most people, most of the time, whole herb offers far more benefits and healing potential.

And especially when it comes to Turmeric, this incredible herb contains so much more than just the Curcumin! You can read more on the Whole Herb Subject Here

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