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Is There a Mandarin in Your Stocking?

Once upon a time, things were simpler.  Gifts were simpler.

We wanted less, we had less, and a mandarin in a Christmas stocking was a special treat.

Apparently the orange in a stocking represented gold coins given by St Nicholas to poor girls who needed a dowry.  In America, the very same tradition was started by Japanese immigrants who received oranges from home.  Uncanny that the Christmas orange has become tradition in different cultures and regions!

But it does pose an interesting nutritional issue. 

These days, we have mandarins all year round.  In fact so many different types of fruit throughout the year, that the choice is staggering!

Taste wise, this is wonderful.  But nutritionally, these days, we are typically eating far too much fruit.

It's not refined, but fructose is still sugar. And that's why the modern obsession with smoothies has gone too far.  Load your system with a half litre of smoothie, and that's a rush of sugar to your bloodstream that's just as harmful as a can or two of fizzy pop if repeated over time!

In our quest for health, everyone has jumped on the fruit wagon, and many people consume large amounts of fruit daily with little knowledge of the nutritional impact.

YES fruit is packed with wonderful vitamins and minerals, and cofactors, but it needs to be enjoyed with a little bit of care. Small amounts, savoured as a treat, when in season is the way to think of your fruit as a rule. 

As a general guideline, perhaps one piece of fruit a day is a good way of thinking of things. And try to rotate the types for variety of nutrients. 

But at Christmas time, this is definitely when we can enjoy a little more fruit and not worry. And it's definitely better as a treat than some options from your supermarket.  

Why not try making some fruit desserts yourself at home, then you know they are natural and additive free!

Here's our more in depth look at some of the issues in 5 a Day - Still Flawed 10 Years Later.

You may like to find out why our supplements are additive free, just the way your food should be!

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