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Which Oil for Your Roast Potatoes

Beautiful, crisp roasties with Christmas dinner is a special thing.

So let's look at the options for the best result in taste AND nutritional terms.

Stability is vital when roasting to avoid creating trans fats and carcinogenic compounds

The right sort of fats also help reduce glycaemic impact, so done right, a roastie can be better than a baked!  But even with the right fats being a simple carb, they should be an occasional treat, especially for diabetics and those that are overweight - the glycaemic load is high.  But a little bit of what you fancy, especially at Christmas is good for the soul!


Roasting in the meat juices

This is the very best option nutritionally. Buying goose fat separately is another option.  Animal fats achieve the stability we need naturally and give exceptional flavour.

Avoid lean cuts (ignore the nonsense about saturated fats!). Your local butcher is best placed to help you choose. We very much recommend you buy organic and free range if you do choose to eat animal products.


Coconut Oil (Discount available!)

The most stable vegetable oil at temperature and highly recommended. And for vegetarians and vegans this is the first choice.  As well as being very stable, Coconut Oil has fabulous health properties. And the flavour is really unique.  If you'd like to give it a try use code XMASCOCO to save 15% on the lovely organic Coconoil



Incredibly good for you, but has a tendency to burn - exactly what we want to avoid. It's fantastic for all sorts of cooking where burning can be avoided. Clarified butter is the solution here, the Indian version Ghee is the same thing. Google for instructions on how to clarify your own butter. This option creates a unique and golden roastie, well worth giving a try! Here is our Butter or Margarine article for reference.

Olive Oil

Whilst not as stable as coconut oil, it's fairly dependable at high temperatures. Always select extra virgin olive oil. Taste varies tremendously, and some do not enhance roasted veg, so it's a case of finding one you like and sticking with it. Please be careful with supermarket olive oils labelled as "mild" ... some of these are very heavily processed and no longer the real thing!


Forget the Rest! 

We do not consider any other oil, including all refined processed vegetable oils as being suitable for any sort of cooking.  They are highly refined, often hexane extracted, contain too many trans fats, and are typically too high in polyunsaturated fats / omega 6.  That said, it is important to enjoy such a special meal as Christmas, and you should use what suits you best on the day. A little bit of what you love every now and again is to be enjoyed! But in general, PLEASE always avoid processed and refined oils. And that includes Rapeseed.


A Word on Palm Oil

Although this oil is stable for high temperature cooking, it is the most unsustainable oil in the world and NOT an oil we can endorse. There is some sustainable palm oil, but even then, there are too many questions. This oil is directly responsible for the destruction of millions of acres of rainforests, and many species of animals are at risk. For more information see HERE


Enjoy Your Roasties!

Whichever oil you choose, have a wonderful meal, and we would like to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a very healthy New Year!

Any questions, as ever, do let us know!

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