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Phillips Technique Blotting Brushes


They might look like an ordinary toothbrush, but the Dr Phillips Blotting Brushes are anything but ordinary. They were designed by a leading periodontist and are a revolution in oral health care.

Blotting is simple, yet innovative and proven effective. It is highly recommended if you have gum disease and as a preventative.  Many people find it extremely effective at eliminating bad breath.

A really clean mouth feels wonderful, but it is vital to understand that it can also influence your entire body. For example, long standing gum disease has been connected with inflammation in other areas of the body including arterial plaque. So it's well worth taking care when it comes to oral hygiene.

There are so many different brushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes and flosses these days, yet most people suffer from at least some gum disease. So can normal brushing and flossing really be the answer?

Plaque is the sticky, white substance that forms on and between teeth, and is the cause of dental disease. Normal brushing can move plaque around the mouth and worse, even further under the gums, if your gum health has been compromised, this is the last thing you want. 

In contrast, Blotting actually removes plaque from the mouth, and this is the key to total oral health.  Using capillary action (just like paint being drawn up into the bristles of a brush), the plaque is lifted, and held in the brush so that it can be removed.

It is a tapping, not a brushing action, and never side to side.  Blotting is very different to "normal" brushing, so please do carefully read the instructions provided with your order.

Each order comes with 5 brushes so that you give the technique some time to learn and really feel the benefits.  Please keep them in their little cases, and change the brush every 2 - 3 weeks. 

We supply the standard and mini blotting brushes.  Some customers use both sizes because they find it difficult to open their jaw wide, or just find the back teeth difficult to reach.   For children, select the mini blotts.

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Your Oral Health Programme

Many people continue to use their normal toothbrush as well, others prefer to blot only and actually this will keep your teeth very healthy.  You can of course also still use mouthwashes to freshen the mouth.  We highly recommend that you use the natural toothpastes and washes available from your health food stores. And remember that teeth occupy just 10% of the surface of your mouth. It is just as important to clean the gums, cheeks, roof, floor and tongue as well.

One of the most natural, and extremely effective ways to clean your mouth is using bicarbonate of soda, and Celtic Salt.  These can themsleves really help gum disease.   Some Celtic Salt in warm water makes a wonderful cleasning and healing mouthwash.

Regular dental check ups are essential as are visits to your hygienist, alongside a blotting programme and good natural tooth care, in the long term you will save money and have a healthier mouth and body!  Anyone who has had deep periodontal cleaning or gum surgery will tell you this is very unpleasant, and very expensive.


The Developer - Dr J.E. Phillips

Dr J.E. Phillips was an international figure in contemporary oral health. With periodontics as a specialty, Dr Phillips findings took him across the world as an author, lector and periodontist. He loved to help people recover from all manner of gum disease and showed them how easy it is to maintain their teeth and oral health for a lifetime. Sadly Dr Phillips is no longer with us but he is a legend in his field and the huge contribution he made to oral hygiene is now continued by his daughter Paula Phillips. 

The Phillips Blotting Technique is a proven effective, simple and inexpensive method of total oral home health care that can correct and prevent a modern day epidemic - gum disease. We are an official supplier of the Blotting Brushes.

The Blotting Brush

The brush has 4 rows, with 41 tufts, and a slender head for greater maneuverability. Utilizes a gentle .007" diameter DuPont TynexTM nylon bristle. End rounded textured bristles that draw plaque and debris from gingival crevice. Complete with a maintainer cover to protect and reform the bristles. Concentrated bristles effectively draws plaque by capillary action. Guaranteed free from lead, nickel and Bisphenel A (BPA).

Oral Wellness Made Easy

By Dr. J.E. Phillips (from his personal notes)

As a practicing periodontist, I have seen many people go through periodontal surgery only to have a repeat surgery and lose their teeth anyway. Then they still spend great sums of money to get implants only to finally succumb to dentures, and in many cases, are not able to eat nutritious food due to the inability to chew.
This method of mouth care can insure you good oral health and, in most cases, can reverse periodontally affected teeth back to good health even though you have been told by a periodontist that you are beyond any hope of healing. I have known many of these people who had two or more surgeries and were told there was absolutely no way to save these teeth, and 20 years later are still enjoying a good dentition.
Progressive physicians keep telling you, “you must take charge of your health.” Well, taking care of your oral health is very important toward maintaining your general health.
There is no question that periodontal disease can have a bearing on your general health. For example, if you have gum problems, you will produce a bacteremia (bacteria in the blood stream) every time you chew. This can increase the chances for heart disease, focal infections, arthritis and many other diseases. Your chewing ability or disability can cause many intestinal problems. In fact, there is good reason to believe that if your mouth is healthy and functions well, your complete immune system is strengthened. I’ve had many people tell me that once they learned proper mouth care, many of these so called problems decreased or were eliminated.
In my many years of periodontal practice, I have had patients from many states and many countries come to me because they were told nobody could do anything for them. I always say I can’t heal your periodontal problems, but I can teach you how and help you resolve your problems.

How Periodontal Disease Progesses

By: Dr. J.E. Phillips

If your dentist says “you have to brush more because you have plaque on your teeth” and the next time you see him he says “you have to brush still more and floss more because your gums are bleeding” and he suggests that you see the hygienist more often for cleaning your teeth, you will soon be a candidate for deep curettage and periodontal (gum) surgery.
Frequent brushing and flossing, cleaning by the hygienist and gum surgery never cure periodontal disease. As time goes on this leads to more curettage and surgery, and eventually, extraction of the teeth.
The truth of the matter is that brushing and flossing causes periodontal disease. Cleaning under the gums daily will keep the disease from getting started and, in most cases, will heal the gums. By using a special bristled brush with much the same texture as a paint brush, it can draw plaque from underneath the gum and heal gum disease in over 98% of the cases. This will also keep the gum disease from reoccurring.
I always told my patients “if you want to see what brushing does, just lay a rug on a dirty kitchen floor and brush or sweep around and onto the rug and when you lift the rug up, you will see that most of the dirt is packed at the edge of the rug.” The same thing happens when your brush you teeth. The sulcus (the groove between the gum and the tooth) is always the dirtiest after brushing. You should not brush your teeth unless you can clean the sulcus out afterwards.
If you use the Blotting Brush (recommended for this cleaning technique) to clean under the gum plus the entire mouth, you will have a healthy mouth and a pleasant breath.
Research update: US researchers studied 657 people and found that those with gum disease were more likely to have narrowed blood vessels that can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Scientists theorise that the bacteria that causes gum disease spreads through the bloodstream and causes inflammation and clogged arteries.

Full instructions on how to use the Blotting Brushes included with your order.

Brushes should be changed every 2 - 3 weeks which is why we supply in groups of 5 in order that you stick with the technique for a sufficient amount of time.

Really glad I found your website, it looks full of good things and I'm sure I'll be back: the blotting brushes are six quid cheaper than my previous source!?

Testimonials to Paula Phillips, daughter of Dr J E Phillips

Dear Paula. Just to let you know that the advocacy of your father's work is truly a miracle in my dental care. I first got the video and brushes four years ago. I shared the material with my dentist and he laughed at the idea. Since that time two pockets that were getting to the depth of needing the care of a peridontist have actually receded in depth and my dentist is impressed. I used to have a "prophy" every six months and now have not had my teeth cleaned in four years. I saw my dentist for a check-up yesterday and he said there was not a trace of plaque and that he would see me in a year. This is truly amazing. I am 70 years old and my dentist says that I have the gingival-dental margin of a "youngster". I have referred several of my friends to you and will certainly refer others. You have my total and unreserved endorsement and I pray you well in your endeavor to continue your father's mission. Name and address supplied

I feel secure in now again having a source of the Blotting Brushes…Please feel free to use my endorsement of the Blotting Brush. I am 79 years old, and I have all my teeth but one. I started using the Blotting Brush in 1976. Elizabeth Johnson

Dr. Phillips is truly a pioneer of his time. When my family and I took his class, we did not know what to expect. What could we learn further that might help save our teeth and gums that we must already know from many years of consistent dental care in the traditional sense. We were truly in for a lifetime of knowledge on how important Blotting would be for our entire lives! Doc Phillips showed what having a CLEAN mouth could do for the life of our teeth. I now have a grown family and still – daily – practice what I learned from Dr. Phillips. I have all of my own teeth – and hopefully will continue to strive for this purpose the remainder of my years.
Thank you Doc for a wealth of periodontal knowledge and lessons learned well before it became “popular” to be slightly left of center…Please continue informing a new generation how they can adequately keep their gums and mouth clean and fresh smelling also. Maryann Przybyl

I had periodontal surgery 18 years ago, and at that time my surgeon started my Blotting "routine". It takes a few minutes each day, but I have had no sign of gum disease since the surgery. Plus I have the benefit of a mouth that feels very clean, all the time. With this Blotting Brush, and the proper routine, a person can keep periodontal disease completely at bay! Brad Richardson

Phillips Technique Blotting Brushes

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