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Matcha Green Tea

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Since the time of the first Zen Buddhist Monks in the 15th Century, ceremonial Matcha Tea has had a special place in Japanese history. The Monks still enjoy Matcha in preparation for meditation sessions. 

Japanese students love it at exam time for the calming, yet invigorating effects.

It’s a Green Tea, but not like any other you’ve tasted.  It has 130 times the antioxidants, the health benefits are extraordinary, and it tastes delicious!

The entire leaf is consumed so you get the full benefits. It is calming, cleansing and a simply beautiful drink, once tried, everyone loves it.

The leaves are a vibrant green colour, with a massive range of nutrients and the all important chlorophyll.

The smoothness and fine flavour is guaranteed because this is a premium Matcha. Only the young, sweet and best leaves are used.  Lower grade Matcha is bitter, often contains the stems and doesn’t have the same vibrant colour.

It has a real feel good factor, energy and immunity benefits and is excellent at eliminating free radicals.  Superb for boosting the metabolism, Matcha is super for slimming. Add the FREE slimming guide to your order if of interest.

More information…

One or two cups a day is perfect.

We recommend you enjoy in the morning as there is a small amount of caffeine, although much less than you will find in coffee (1 cup contains around 30mg compared to 70 - 180mg for coffee).

Dont let water boil for the best results, 70 degrees is the optimum.

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Matcha Green Tea

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