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Celtic Salt (Dried)

Sold Out - please see here for more details

Exactly the same mineral content as the original Coarse Celtic Salt

But for convenience, this specially dried salt can be used in any good quality grinder with a ceramic or plastic (not metal) mechanism. Or here's the grinder designed exclusively just for this dried Celtic Salt.

Because of the natural moisture content of the traditional Celtic Salt, it will clog up even the best grinders. But if you are happy to use a pestle and mortar, dissolve in water, grind by hand (crystals will remain quite large) etc, please select the Coarse Celtic Salt as this is more cost effective.

But if you do want to use Celtic Salt at the table in a grinder this salt is specifically for this purpose as it has been dried for a much longer time (naturally in the sun).  The nutritional profile remains the same.

You might also like the very delicate Fleur de Sel Celtic Salt which  should be used for garnishing only. Also for the table, we have Celtic Salt with Herbs.

We also have a beautiful, authentic, engraved Celtic Salt Pocket Box so if you want to avoid toxic table salt when out and about at restaraunts and the like, you can take some salt with you! What a lovely idea!

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Authentic Celtic Salt imported direct from beautiful Brittany.

Refined salt is artificial and toxic to your body, and ordinary sea salts are sadly lacking in vital minerals and trace elements. In contrast, full spectrum, Celtic Salt is not only soft on the palate, and incredibly rich in flavour, but it makes a vital contribution to your health and well being.

Contains a rich spectrum of 84 minerals and trace elements. Table salt has just two minerals, most sea salts less than 10, and even the best sea salts less than 50 because they are subject to heavy processing.

The artisan salt workers on the marshes, maintain a tradition with over a thousand years of history...

* Gently hand harvested, dried in the sun and wind
* Never touched by any machinery or metal
* No chemical treatments, nothing added, nothing taken away

Salt plays a vital role in many processes in your body, and is essential for life itself, but your body needs the right type of salt.

Over 90% of the World's salt is produced for industrial purposes, table salt is really just a by product. Stripped of it's healthy minerals, it is nothing more than isolated, sodium chloride with additives and bleaching agents added for "taste". Celtic Salt however is in a totally natural state, and as well as enhancing your food, it plays an important role in supplying your body with essential nutrients.

Naturally light grey in colour because it crystallises on contact with the clay from which it takes its high trace element content. And because all of the trace and macro elements are retained, Celtic Salt always has some natural moisture content.

* Nature & Progrès organic certification
* IFS (International Food Standard) certification
* ISO 9001:2000 standards throughout storage, sifting and packing
* Certified free from pesticides, herbicides and harmful chemicals

Salt Awareness Week runs every year in the UK, you can read an article on the issues here.

Jacques de Langre PhD, a Californian biochemist studied Celtic Salt for over 30 years and his two books “Seasalt’s Hidden Powers” and “Sea Salt, the Vital Spark for Life” are well worth seeking out for an in depth look at the health benefits of this wonderful salt. You can read an interview with him here.

500g Dried Celtic Salt suitable for grinders with a glass or ceramic mechanism.

Please don't use with a grinder with a metal mechanism as it will spoilt it.

We do stock a Celtic Salt Grinder.

Celtic Salt can be used liberally in cooking, and at the table to taste.

This is the only type of Celtic Salt that cam be used in a grinder, but it MUST have a glass or ceramic mechanism.

The Government recommends a maximum of 6g daily of salt. This of course relates to toxic table talt, which should ideally be totally eliminated from the diet.


Dear sirs, firstly, my compliments on your superb product list - I've just purchased a 1Kilo bag of Celtic Sea Salt from you, I bought a half kilo bag from another source last year which was almost the same price as yours!  I'm into bodybuilding, from a purely 'muscle building' aspect would Bee Pollen be a more effective muscle builder (in your opinion) than Argentinean Dessicated Beef Liver?  Looking forward to your reply, Shaun

Thanks very much for fast delivery, that's always near the top of my list when choosing suppliers. Of course the products have to be of high quality, first and foremost.  Salt is delicious, so much better than the white coarse-grain sea-salt I had been using. Look forward to the increased health benefits.

Firstly I am too new a customer to rate the products, but certainly your information on the products is most comprehensive, and with great joy I read there was salt that I could have in my diet

I love your salt, and thanks for the salt grinder.
Kind regards, David

Thank you for explaining about the difference in cost with the trademarked salt, it makes a lot more sense now!

Hi There, discovered you last week by 'accident' and LOVING what you stand for! Integrity is becoming more difficult to find and your website is so upfront and informative.

So, my question; I have been using Himalayan pink salt, thinking it was the best... is the Celtic salt the next step up again please? (see this article on Himalayan v Celtic Salt)

Also, just want to thank you for your article on the real truth about those cholesterol lowering spreads. I personally don't use them but my friend was until I emailed her a link to your article. I have used Organic butter for years but now I want to start using Raw organic butter/milk. Thank you again. A BIG fan already x Elaine

One thing I would mention though, if I hadn't been browsing some time ago, and of course you then did an article about your salt, then I wouldn't have realised that you sold it at all.  Now that I have found it, no other salt will do! Thank you again for taking the trouble to write to me, one of your many customers, Lilian

Hi there,thanks for your message. I use both your salt and chlorella and think they are fantastic. The chlorella arrived yesterday. Enjoy the rest of your summer (or what's left of it :). Take care.

Wow, thats what I call service and some. Just Blink`t and the postman was ringing my door bell with my salt. Many many thanks. I will tell my friends and family about your firm

I was intending to buy some Celtic salt for my mum the last few days – have been gradually encouraging her to use it more by taking over amounts in jars.  So was an unexpected lovely 12/12/12 bonus to be rewarded today for buying it - Thank you – your stuff is wonderful

The reordered salt arrived yesterday, many thanks indeed. I would like to complement your company for your excellent costumer service, you are heads above most companies I have dealt with. I will gladly patronise you again. Best regards, Annabel.

Thank you for letting me know the situation. It is only the Fleur de Sel that I am interested in so I am happy to wait until you have it in stock. Hopefully this will be before Christmas as it is a present to my husband (we visited the Guerande salt marshes where we bought our original box which is almost empty!)  Perhaps you could advise me when you have received your stock so I know when to expect a delivery. Kind regards Karen

As well as using the salt for cooking I also use it for making 'mineral water'. I drink 4 pints of this each day, which helps with my alkalizing.

I have only ordered Celtic sea salt from you (twice) and am very pleased with the quality

I have bought the special salt for cooking which is what I use religiously now. I also bought the Alkapod which goes wherever I go!

I take upward of 6g of salt a day and it has greatly improved my ability to sit or stand for longer.  I understand it addresses orthostatic intolerance, common in ME, by increasing blood volume.  I was not aware it helped with adrenal function, so thank you for that information.  I am aware it is vital in fighting infection and believe it to be a help with heart disease rather than a cause?

I've been using the Celtic Salt for 24 hours now and I can honestly report an improvement in the way I feel

I really, really can't believe it!!  I fell over in the street on Monday, and have a very nasty wound on my knee.  I can hardly believe the difference.  I washed it in celtic salt before I went to bed last night, and this morning, well, I can move it.  My knee still hurts where I banged it, but I can walk on it properly and move my leg.  As soon as I went to get up this morning my leg bent, and realised that the worst was over. Using salt water for wounds has never crossed my mind, even though I use salt for other purposes, so I am most grateful for you recommending celtic salt to me.  Thanks again

I just love your ideology and what you stand for, that your supplements are retained in their most purest form found in nature; with no additives, no fillers, no gunk, junk or artificial "anything". This is the fastest and most efficient way the human body will "respond" to supplements in this additive free furthermore. A bit like your deliveries & customer service, fast and very responsive!

order arrived promptly the very next day! Unbelievable, given that I cannot even be sure of first class letters arriving within two days anymore! thank you

There's a few of your products i will be purchasing again in the future, I'm very faithful to the companies out there who support and believe in organic products and additive free supplements

Hello again Jane,
Lovely surprise, thank you for the Waveberries! Sure. You can use whichever bits you feel relevant. Most people have no idea that they are taking supplements which are of very little use whatsoever. If I can spread your name further, and my contacts do the same, then the ripple becomes the wave: which is so relevant to your choice of name!
Thanks again,
Paula x

I think the Seventh Wave products are fantastic and it would seem that you offer a service to match. Thanks again!

Celtic Salt (Dried)

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