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Redefine inflammation naturally

Doctors in Germany and Austria have been recommending this natural plant enzyme for over 30 years for good reason, it works. And for over a decade, our customers have experienced a transformation in their lives with this discovery.  Twice the normal amount of Serrapeptase, in one a day 80,000IU formula - convenient, powerful and effective. For the best results,  try 2 - 3 a day for the first few weeks.


100% natural and additive free 

For the best results, as well as being super potent, this Serrapeptase is totally natural and additive free because maximum absorption and results matter. The additives others use are potential allergens, reduce effectiveness and have no place in health supplements. And we don't use enteric coatings containing toxic "phthalates". Banned in childrens toys - they have no place in the human body. More on this below


FREE nutritonal help and support

As a food supplement we make no "medicinal claims". We can say that this is a superior, natural brand of Serrapeptase for the best possible results. You may find the article on the Inflammation Cycle useful and we offer FREE nutritional advice if you need help. 

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Serrapeptase and Enzymes

Serrapeptase is a gift from nature that works. It is a proteolytic or systemic plant enzyme.  Enzymes are essential for good health and can be found in all living matter, indeed, life depends upon both the production and intake of a huge range of enzymes.  Scientists have discovered and detailed over 3000 different enzymes and there are many different types, with each playing certain roles. Proteolytic enzymes are both found in the diet, and produced naturally in your body (in the pancreas), they break up substances and are involved in various metabolic processes.


How Is Serrapeptase Made?

It was originally identified in the 1960s in the digestive system of silkworms, they use the enzyme to dissolve their cocoon. 

But for supplement form, there is no need for silk worms! This natural enzyme is grown commercially using a fermentation process, much like starter cultures are used to make yoghurts (for example).

It is completely suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


What's Wrong With Enteric Coated Serrapeptase?

They are not required when high strength Serrapetase is taken on an empty stomach. The use of enteric coatings is a marketing angle, and based on research on animal enzymes in the 50s. Plant based enzymes are resistant to stomach acid. Similarly, that's why a raw food diet brings so many advantages because of the naturally occurring enzymes. Many customers come to us having taken an enteric coated product, and get better results with our natural Serrapeptase.

Enteric coatings are in wide use in the supplement and pharmaceutical industries. This wide use does not justify their use. It is commonly said that enteric coatings are needed for Serrapeptase to be effective, however this is certainly not the case if Serrapeptase is taken on an empty stomach.
It is important to remember that these coatings are essentially plastics, many of them are phthalates which have been linked with health issues. Enteric coatings contain plasticizers, including (but not limited to) triethyl citrate, dibutyl sebacate, diethyl phthalate (DEP) and dibutyl phthalate (DBP)

As evidence shows that Serrapetase works without these coatings when taken on an empty stomach, it makes sense to choose an enteric free option. In fact, many companies who supply enteric coated Serrapeptase even themselves agree that it is not necessary when over 60,000IU potency!
If you would like to read an in depth discussion of the issues, see this article.


Additive Free Serrapeptase

This is also an additive free Serrapeptase, you can read more about why we are 100% additive free here.  We supply in a base of brown rice powder, and this is why many customers get better results with our product than many others on the market place.  There are absolutely no other ingredients.


Serrapeptase Safety

In the past 30 years, millions of doses have been taken all over the world. Serrapeptase is safe to use on a permanent basis (if required) and even at very high doses for long periods of time, no side effects have been reported in 30 years, it is safe for children and pets, and is also suitable to take during pregnancy.

You will find our high potency 80,000IU (international units) Serrapeptase convenient - just one a day needed, but we do recommend the "loading" dose to start with for most customers.



80,000IU Serrapeptase in a brown rice powder base per vegecap.

100% natural & additive free.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Capsule - vegetable cellulose.

Free from soya, wheat, gluten, dairy, yeast & GMO


There are over 300 additives approved for use in the EU

OTHER Brand Real Example 1

Serrapeptase (providing a minimum of 20,000 IU per capsule), Vegetable cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, and Microcrystalline Cellulose

OTHER Brand Real Example 2

Serrapeptase 60,000iu Encapsulated with Pullulan, carrageenan, potassium chloride. Enteric coating: Cellulose phthalate

1 vegecap daily.

2 - 3 a day (taken altogether) for the first two weeks is recommended.

Amounts can also be increased in times of need.

Must be taken on an empty stomach.  First thing on rising is recommended for the best results leaving 15 - 20 minutes before food; drinks containing milk should also be avoided in this 20 minute period. 

Sorted my frozen shoulder in days, took 3 for first two weeks and now just one a day.....pain free and full movement! Seeing as I had been suffering well over a year, they're near miraculous!

?A note to thank you for your prompt delivery. I telephoned on Friday and received my order on Saturday. I would also like to thank the lady I spoke with for her kindness, efficiency and knowledge.I was asking for advice regarding Serrapeptase as I wished to query the dosage. It is the first time I have experienced such helpful information and thank your company for this. Susan

This is the most amazing thing I've come across.  It's a life saver. I bought another Serrapeptase before finding yours which did absolutely nothing for me, but thought I would give it another try. I ran out of yours and went back to the other one which is enteric coated and could really feel the difference, so thank you for sending my second order so quickly, I ordered on Monday and it was here before 930 on Tuesday

Many thanks for my Serrapeptase which has now arrived. I chose your product as I prefer natural and avoid synthetic!

We are just finishing first Serrapeptase pot and very pleased with it.  Aches and pains started to go early on and continue to ease. Great! Now ordered another pot but can you help re Waveberries as previous 18 earnt on 10 June order not showing anywhere? Help!

I ordered two lots of serrapeptase and have been using the tablets for 10 days and believe I am seeing some reduction in pain. However on looking at other web sites I notice that they recommend taking 3 tabs either 3 or 4 times a day. Your company recommend 1 x up to 3 times a day. I have increased the dose from once to twice a day and wonder if I am taking enough. How long should I take the higher dose for please. I have already recommended this product to several friends and my brother! Thank you, Susan

Can Serrapeptase be combined with Psudoephedrine Hydrochloride?
I liked serrapeptase but it seams I can't take it because it's lowering my low blood pressure.
I was taking it for sinusitis.
Can you help with professional advice, please?

Of course you may use my comments. I'm very happy to promote your amazing products. I can't believe how well I am feeling since I started taking them, I have got so much more energy. Certainly the ones you recommended for the arthritis in my hands have worked so quickly I can hardly believe it. I thought I was going to have to start using some of those kitchen aids to help me. Now all the strength is returning and I have no pain at all. Even the swelling in my finger joints has started to reduce. Fantastic. I can sew and knit again too. Kind regards and a very Happy Christmas to all of you at Seventh Wave. Nicki

I am very pleased that the full ingredients are the two listed this is very unusual. I only discovered your website today and am very impressed and I was further hooked in by your fast response especially on a Saturday! Thank you for being so helpful I will place my order now

Always great to hear about your latest products. I am currently trying out a couple of your products (to see if they give me the headaches that other supplements do - due to their additives) - so far so good - I'll keep you posted

I was very pleasantly surprised to receive my order today that was fantastic so I am really pleased with the service. How do I go about claiming my Waveberries on my next purchase? Christine
You often have to ask millions of questions just to get basic information when all you really want to do is place an order. I thought the product sounded too good to be true happily it wasn't! Thanks Jane.
Thanks for the encouragement, it's good to know that people care enough to encourage other people to stick to these natural ways of enhancing and healing the body.And thanks again for the advice on the fruit. Best Wishes, Linda

Hi there, order received first thing this morning. Very pleased and satisfied both with the impeccable fast delivery and ease of ordering, communication, price and product! Will use again and recommend. Kind Regards Jenny

I will try and be as brief as possible.  Every time I order something I get the usual acknowledgement and a request to let you know how things are going!

I will explain how we came to find information on serrapeptase. My wife is asthmatic and also suffers from Rhinitis; her nasal passages are completely blocked and she has polyps in her nostrils.
She was very ill in the Spring about four years' ago and ended up in hospital.  The hospital could find no cause of her illness but put her on a dose of prednisorone (anti-inflammatory) - but not sure if I have spelt it correctly. Anyway the drug certainly improved her problems with her sinuses but, unfortunately, it is not possible to stay on this medication for any length of time; she even began to recover her sense of smell, which she had lost completely.
Earlier this year she was having particular bad problems with her nasal passages and always being 'stuffed up'.  She remarked how much better her symptoms had been when taking prednisorone.  I said to her "why don't you look on the Internet and see if you can find a natural anti-inflammatory treatment and try that".
I did the search and found serrapeptase and since then she has been taking it regularly. It hasn't got rid of the polyps but it has improved her breathing through one of her nasal passages and it seems to expel any mucus in her lungs as well!

Recently I ordered another supply and there was a delay in it being received because you were out of stock.  My wife was unable to take any for about a week and noticed an immediate relapse - her breathing got worse!   Having now received another supply it has improved again.
On the basis of what I had read on the Internet about serrapeptase, I decided to take some as well.  I am perfectly fit at the moment but I was interested in the reports that it might get rid of cysts.  I  have a cyst on my arm which I have had as long as I can remember. It is benign as far as I know and I have never had any trouble with it.  However, just as an experiment, I thought I would try some serrapeptase and see if it gets rid of it!

No difference yet as far as I can tell but my stamina and strength seem to have improved slightly and I am not imagining that.  I will shortly be 69.  I enjoy cycling and used to ride competively when I was younger but gave up when children came along and with work commitments as well.
In 2008 during the summer I suddenly found out that I could enter a cycle race at Blenheim Palace (Brompton World Championships).  A little bit of fun really organised by the bike manufacturers which has taken off spectaculary and which is now held every year.  I decided to enter at the last minute in 2008 but didn't have much time to get any training in.  Last year I managed to do more and improved my time.  I have entered again this year and am doing my best to get fit for it.  It isn't a long race - just over 8 miles and competitors have to dress in a suit and shirt and tie - the bikes are usually used for commuting so you get the picture.  I want to be as fit as possible and in view of my age I am certainly not up to the same standard as when I was  young.  Therefore, any additional stamina and strength is helpful.  I feel serrapeptase has certainly, unepectedly, given me more energy and I will give it a year to see if it gets rid of the cyst!

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