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Snoozle Slide Sheet

If you suffer from any condition that makes it difficult to turn in bed in the night, this super product is a life changer. When a family member found it helped so much, we thought we had better stock this for our customers too!

Very useful for anyone with any sort of pain, back problems, arthritis and fibromyalgia for example. Also perfect for ladies late in pregnancy who start finding it difficult to turn.

A peaceful night's sleep is key to a happy life, and this product can really help.

It helps you move around, turn and switch sides in bed easily.  The sheet makes your movements in bed smooth and faster, so you don't need to put in as much effort, lift yourself up from the mattress, flex as many sore muscles or move as many inflamed and creaky joints. It simply slides along with your every move, but is comfortable on the outside just extremely slippery on the inside

The Snoozle it also helps you can get out of bed more easily and helps you sit up and slide back down.

It simply goes on top of your regular bed sheet.

72 cm wide and 75 cm long.  You can wash it at up to 30 °c (86 °F) with a small amount of detergent. Do not bleach or put in the dryer. Do not hang outside as UV rays can make the fabric less slippery. 

We supply an entirely white sheet with a white trim. 

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Real comments on this amazing product....

I bought this for my mum who is in her eighties and wakes up several times during the night to turn over she is very slight but turning was painful. With the snoozle she turns without waking for the first time in years AWESOME !

Love the snoozle !! Wish I had known about this last pregnancy !  It has been amazing when rolling over in bed !

Can't sleep without it.

After having both hips replaced in six months, both sides are still very tender and was waking me up when I turned over, but now I turn but don't wake because it's not as painful, great item.
After quite a decent trial of the snoozle I am finding it effortless and much more comfortable for my many turns in the night. Worth the money and aids a much improved sleep quality. Recommended to all those who toss and turn during the night with chronic pain

Snoozle Slide Sheet

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