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7 Days to a Slimmer You

Are you tired of dieting? Tried everything and failed?

Or maybe you lose weight only to gain it all back again?

Well now it's time to forget diets and just switch to a simple lifestyle where you can eat all your favourite foods and still be slim and healthy!

You probably don't have time to read diet books. So we've read them all, and condensed all the best science and research into a changing programme on a simple A4 sheet. 

It's tried, tested and really works.  Best of all it's so easy to follow.  And we promise you will slim easily and stay there, or your money back!

And you can forget all those expensive books, and ebooks, and memberships, currently FREE for our cusotmers with orders, just add to basket and enjoy!

You will receive 3 copies of this inspirational programme POSTED to you.  One for home, one for the office, one for the car.

NB: if you have hormone imbalance or adrenal fatigue, please follow 7 Days to Help your Hormones programme first.  This will set you up for even greater slimming success AND rid you of those annoying hormonal symptoms!

Any questions? You can talk to us online with the help desk over on your right, or call or email at any time.


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The diet industry is a money making machine. We have always resisted this part of the "health" industry. However, we are tired of seeing women being put through the diet rollercoaster, getting on and off, and often never really resolving the issues, AND spending fortunes in the process.

So we set about to do something differently. and some 18 months later, with a vast amount of research and testing, we are very proud to have launced the 7 Days to a Slimmer You in July 2014.  It has already changed lives, and it can for you too. Or your money back!

This health plan is for men and women of all ages.

If pregnant or breast feeding, please read the notes provided.

Women suffering from hormone imbalance should follow the 7 Days to Help Your Hormones programme first.

A simple, but innovative programme you can follow each day.

Beautiful inspiring design, on matt paper for a natural feel.

7 Days to a Slimmer You

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