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7 Days to Help Your Hormones

The Life Changing Female Food Plan

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Menopausal symptoms and Perimenopausal symptoms are a real pain.  And the pain of PMT is not something you just have to accept.

Many women endure a poor quality of life because of their hormones. Some are using synthetic estrogen and progesterone with many side effects. Even worse are the anti-depressants used to try and mask hormones in havoc.

We promise that this simple 7 day food plan WILL help you.  It's tried and tested, combining the very best of science, nutrition and experience into a simple system. We took all the research and condensed and condensed onto a single A4 sheet for quick easy use. Simply follow for a few weeks and experience a rapid return to balance.

It guides you through an easy weekly programme to get your hormones happy again.

Designed by women for women.  Take your control back today.

PS: slimming is a side effect of this food plan because unbalanced hormones cause gain weight. So not only will you feel better eating fabulous food freely, you will find yourself looking even better too!

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Who is This Food Plan Suitable For?

It is essential that if you are experiencing health issues, that you first seek the advice of your GP.  Assuming you have ruled other issues out, and blood tests are showing a hormone imbalance, OR your symptoms wax and wane with your cycle, then this programme is for you.

Additionally, for those women experiencing fibromyalgia type issues, or symptoms with no cause established (but serious issues ruled out), then we feel that following this programme for 1 - 2 months may well lead to signifcant improvements simply by rebalancing your hormones.

The only women with hormonal inbalance this may not suit, is those with a medically dangerous low level of estrogen.  But even for menopausal women where the argument has always been there is too little estrogen, actually, it is still more a case of too much estrogen in  relation to progesterone.  Over the age of 35 - 70, estrogen only declines by around 35%, whereas progesterone declines by as much as 75%.  when you consider how vital, and interlinked these two hormones are, it is no wonder that the modern woman faces so many issues.


How Does This Food Plan Work?

First and foremest, we are removing excess estrogen, both natural and chemical.  At the same time, we are helping your body to naturally produce more progesterone.  And finally, we are supporting the adrenal glands, which play a vital role in creating hormonal balance within your body.

It is so simple, but so very effective.  And we want women to realise how easy it is to take control of  this issue. Just enjoy this special combination of foods for 1 - 2 months, then repeat one week in 4.  And dont worry, these are all lovely enjoyable foods, and you can eat as much as you like, but dont be surprised if some weight just drops off, especially around your tummy.  Hormonal imbalance in the over 35s is one of the prime reasons for the so called middle aged spread!


The Risks of Hormone Imbalance

In the short term, the symptoms of hormone imbalance can reduce quality of life.  In the long term this issue can lead to health issues such as endometriois, cysts and even raises the risks of very serious issues such as breast cancer. When we consider that stress and the exposure to chemicals imbalances estrogen, and this is a direct risk for breast  cancer, then we see why this issue is on the increase, and how very very important it is that as women we address these issues today.


Hormone Imbalance and Slimming

Have you tried all sorts of diets and failed every time? Or even just gained the the weight back when you return to normal eating? It is very likely your hormones are unbalanced, especially if you have weight around your middle. If you are struggling with weight even though you have tried very hard, then we strongly recommend you follow this plan for at least 3 weeks before you do anything else.



All women experiencing hormonal imbalance can follow this simple food plan.

So whether it's PMT, peri-menopause, or menopasuse, this is for you.

Additionally those women suffering from hormonally influenced conditons such as endometriosis will benefit from this simple plan packed with fantastic foods.

Those ladies who have tried many diets with no success are highly likely to find this plan unlocks slimming success.

And finally, if you experience a range of minor symptoms that cannot be explained, and you have consulted your GP, explored blood tests and been given no help, then hormonal imbalance may be an issue, and this food plan is recommended.

A simple, but innovative programme you can follow each day.

Beautiful inspiring design, on matt A4 paper

7 Days to Help Your Hormones

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