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Salt Saver Pack

1 x Celtic Salt, 1 x  Dried Celtic Salt  1x Fleur de Sel Celtic Salt

With a FREE Grinder! You save £9.80!

The Grinder is pre filled with 75g of the Dried Celtic Salt.

These healthy salts are an absolute foundation for good health and packed with essential minerals and trace elements. 

You can read more using the product links, and the links below looking at the health benefits of this amazing real salt.

So whether it's for your own good health, or for presents to introduce these nutritional salts to friends and family, we hope you enjoy this seasonal saving!

The grinder only works with the dried salt, and not the Coarse Celtic Salt due to the high moisuture content. 

For the best value, please use the Celtic Salt for cooking and other uses.

Use the Dried Celtic Salt and / or the very fine Fleur de Sel Celtic Salt at the table.

Here's an article looking at all the different ways you can use Celtic Salt.

More information…

To read more about the health benefits of Celtic Salt click here.

To see all the many different uses for Celtic Salt click here

Interview with Jacques de Langre PhD, author of Sea Salts Hidden Powers

1kg of Pure Celtic Salt.

500g of Dried Celtic Salt

250g of Fleur de Sel Salt

FREE Grinder with 75g of Dried Celtic Salt.


Nothing added, nothing taken away.

Certified organic in France.

Each type contains 84 minerals and trace elements.

Celtic Salt can be used liberally in cooking, and at the table to taste.

As a remineralising / electrolyte supplement, half a teaspoon in warm water.

If you are unsure which of the salts may suit you best, here's a page to help you choose, and lots of ideas on the many uses for Celtic Salt!

Some people find the granules quite large, if this is the case for you, a traditional pestle and mortar is the best way to break up the coarse salt.

The Coarse salt cannot be used in any type of grinder as the natural moisture content will destroy the mechanism.  The Dried Celtic Salt can be used in a grinder with a glass or ceramic mechanism, never metal.

The Government recommends a maximum of 6g daily of salt, but this relates to toxic table talt, which should ideally be totally eliminated from the diet.

Dear sirs, firstly, my compliments on your superb product list - I've just purchased a 1Kilo bag of Celtic Sea Salt from you, I bought a half kilo bag from another source last year which was almost the same price as yours!  I'm into bodybuilding, from a purely 'muscle building' aspect would Bee Pollen be a more effective muscle builder (in your opinion) than Argentinean Dessicated Beef Liver?  Looking forward to your reply, Shaun

Thanks very much for fast delivery, that's always near the top of my list when choosing suppliers. Of course the products have to be of high quality, first and foremost.  Salt is delicious, so much better than the white coarse-grain sea-salt I had been using. Look forward to the increased health benefits.

Firstly I am too new a customer to rate the products, but certainly your information on the products is most comprehensive, and with great joy I read there was salt that I could have in my diet

Thank you for explaining about the difference in cost with the trademarked salt, it makes a lot more sense now!

Hi There, discovered you last week by 'accident' and LOVING what you stand for! Integrity is becoming more difficult to find and your website is so upfront and informative.

So, my question; I have been using Himalayan pink salt, thinking it was the best... is the Celtic salt the next step up again please? (see this article on Himalayan v Celtic Salt)

Also, just want to thank you for your article on the real truth about those cholesterol lowering spreads. I personally don't use them but my friend was until I emailed her a link to your article. I have used Organic butter for years but now I want to start using Raw organic butter/milk. Thank you again. A BIG fan already x Elaine

One thing I would mention though, if I hadn't been browsing some time ago, and of course you then did an article about your salt, then I wouldn't have realised that you sold it at all.  Now that I have found it, no other salt will do! Thank you again for taking the trouble to write to me, one of your many customers, Lilian

Salt Saver Pack

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