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Celtic Salt Grinder

Sold Out - please see here for more details.

Finally we have a grinder for the Celtic Salt!

It's really lovely quality, beautifully styled and refillable.

Please note this will only work with the Dried Celtic Salt.

It comes supplied with 75g of the dried salt pre-filled. 

Some grinders do not manage even the dried Celtic Salt, so you can be sure this one will work as it was designed exclusively for this Dried Celtic Salt.

The Dried Celtic Salt retains the the same full spectrum of minerals content as the original Celtic Salt, but is dried for longer using totally natural methods.  The process is a slow one, hence the higher cost.

The normal Celtic Salt has a natural moisture content, and will not work in this, or indeed any grinder.  So we recommend the traditional moist Celtic Salt for general use in the kitchen and for other purposes.  It is the best value of the salts by far.

But if you want to grind your healthy Celtic Salt at the table, then this is the simple and easy way to do it.

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All your Celtic Salt Links in one Place


For an in-depth article looking at the health benefits of Celtic Salt click here.

Still not sure which salt will suit you best? Here's a page to help you choose, and lots of ideas on the many uses for Celtic Salt!

If you need any further help in choosing, or have any questions, do get in touch, we are here to help.


Celtic Salt can be used liberally in cooking, and at the table to taste.

Please ensure you only use Dried Celtic Salt in the grinder.
The Government recommends a maximum of 6g daily of salt, but this relates to toxic table talt, which should ideally be totally eliminated from the diet.

Dear sirs, firstly, my compliments on your superb product list - I've just purchased a 1Kilo bag of Celtic Sea Salt from you, I bought a half kilo bag from another source last year which was almost the same price as yours! 

Thanks very much for fast delivery, that's always near the top of my list when choosing suppliers. Of course the products have to be of high quality, first and foremost.  Salt is delicious, so much better than the white coarse-grain sea-salt I had been using. Look forward to the increased health benefits

One thing I would mention though, if I hadn't been browsing some time ago, and of course you then did an article about your salt, then I wouldn't have realised that you sold it at all.  Now that I have found it, no other salt will do! Thank you again for taking the trouble to write to me, one of your many customers, Lilian

Wow, thats what I call service and some. Just Blink`t and the postman was ringing my door bell with my salt. Many many thanks. I will tell my friends and family about your firm

I was intending to buy some Celtic Salt for my mum the last few days – have been gradually encouraging her to use it more by taking over amounts in jars.  So was an unexpected lovely 12/12/12 bonus to be rewarded today for buying it - Thank you – your stuff is wonderful

Thank you for letting me know the situation. It is only the Fleur de Sel that I am interested in so I am happy to wait until you have it in stock. Hopefully this will be before Christmas as it is a present to my husband (we visited the Guerande salt marshes where we bought our original box which is almost empty!)  Perhaps you could advise me when you have received your stock so I know when to expect a delivery. Kind regards Karen

As well as using the salt for cooking I also use it for making 'mineral water'. I drink 4 pints of this each day, which helps with my alkalizing.

I have only ordered Celtic sea salt from you (twice) and am very pleased with the quality



Celtic Salt Grinder

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