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X-Factor™ Gold, High Vitamin Butter Oil

This is incredibly condensed nutrition. It takes over 8lbs of the raw cream to make just 8oz of the butter oil!  It's packed with essential fatty acids, and vitamin A, Ds K's, E's (there are multiple forms of each) and CoQ enzymes. Important trace minerals include iodine, selenium, zinc and chromium.

And then there's the "X-Factor" this is ONLY found in the butter fat of grass fed cows.  It improves the uptake of all vitamins and minerals in your diet and supplements. It's a major reason why the butter oil is so wonderful nutritionally.

Unique nutrients include CLA - this aids slimming, supports your immune system and helps with insulin levels. And the Wulzen Factor which supports joint health.

And there's Butyric Acid a short chain fatty acid; whilst your body can produce this nutrient, in many people it is compromised.  It's especially helpful for leaky gut, other digestive imbalance, and has broad metabolic benefits.

Produced in May to October when there is optimum nutrition. The process is gentle, natural, and heat free so the nutrients are protected.  The cows are pasture fed, on the nutrient dense grass of the northern plains - as free range as it gets!

Renowned researcher Weston A Price discovered the profound benefits of butter oil in the 30s when he studied the healthiest people from a variety of cultures around the world.  Combining with the unique Fermented Cod Liver Oil can give even better results.  You may find our Butter v Margarine article of interest.

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Who Are The Green Pastures Company?

Butter Oil is produced by Green Pastures in certified, GMP premises in America.  This lovely family firm began producing the High Vitamin Butter Oil in the year 2000. 

Green Pastures enhanced their range with the amazing Fermented Cod Liver Oil in 2008 after their work revealed the inferior quality of all other Cod Liver Oil in the World.  Their knowledge of Weston A price guided this work.  Taking these two supplements together will enhance overall  results.

The cows used are Shorthorn and Devon cows, and their humane treatment is totally guaranteed. This is an important aspect of this nutritional supplement, and very important to the Green Pastures company. 

The northern plains span more than 180 million acres and cross five U.S. states.  The incredible climate, clean air and grass quality all combine to ensure the creamiest, high nutrition milk.


What is CLA

CLA is short for Conjugated Linoleic Acid. This is sold as an isolated supplement in synthetic form for slimming and antioxidant properties, but as ever, natural offers even great benefits!


A Closer Look at Butter and Dairy in General

We highly recommend you include butter in your diet, and that would be even when enjoying the Green Pastures supplement. Please do avoid margarine at all cost, and you might like to read our Butter v Margarine article.

All dairy in the diet should ideally be organic if possible. If you can get hold of raw organic butter, even better.  Waitrose now stock a raw butter. Additionally, there are a growing number of farms going direct to consumer with organic, raw butter and milk.  Some of these include companies who are delivering nationwide - Hook and Son and Emmas Dairy you may also find farmers at your local markets. 

Hook and Son are a wonderful company who featured in a film called The Moo Man which has been wowing everyone at the Sundance Film Festival!  They have received extensive media coverage, and this recent piece at the Telegraph is an interesting read when it comes to raw, organic dairy.


A Brief Word on Weston A Price

If you find nutrition, the healing power of food, and the health issues facing modern society interesting, then "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" is a must read book.  Today, there also exists the Weston A Price Foundation who endorse both the Green Pastures Butter Oil and Cod Liver Oil

This famous Cleveland dentist studied some of the healthiest people around the world, and found one of the common factors to be the high amounts of fat soluble vitamins A and D in the diet - ten times more than the American diet of the day in the 30s, that figure is even worse today!

500mg High Vitamin Butter Oil per vegecap.

Contains milk, but is casein and lactose free.

Contains unbleached beeswax to thicken.

100% natural & additive free. Made in the USA to GMP standards.

Guaranteed free from soya, wheat, gluten, yeast, sugar or GM ingredients.

Suitable for vegetarians. Capsule - vegetable cellulose.

2 vegecaps daily with food (2 months supply).

Ideally refrigerate after opening but this supplement is stable at room temperature.


X-Factor™ Gold, High Vitamin Butter Oil

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