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100% natural and additive free CoQ10. 

We believe natural is best for health, and supplements should be really healthy ... that means additive free. 

This is a naturally fermented CoQ10, cultured from good bacteria making it easy to digest and absorb. Fermented foods are so good for you, and this type of Q10 is too. 

Supplied in a base of coconut oil and black pepper, but for even better results, please take at meal time, and ideally with some good quality fats or oils (more below).

CoQ10 was discovered in the 50s.  It's  a fat soluble nutrient found in every single cell in the body. And that’s why scientists called it ubiquinone (ubi = everywhere).  Levels of CoQ10 are particularly concentrated in the heart.

From the mid to late 30s levels of CoQ10 start dropping.  And certain health issues lead to very low levels.  It can be difficult to get enough from dietary sources.

Natural is our choice for natural results.  But there are other synthetic forms of Coq10 on the market known as ubiquinol, some produced from tobacco, many consider these to be unstable forms. We always select the natural form for natural results.

More information…

Dietary sources of CoQ10 are oily fish, and if it’s to your taste organ meats such as heart liver and kidney. 

Vegetarian / vegan sources are few and far between, and CoQ10 is only found in very small amounts, broccoli and spinach being two of the best. Peanuts also contain CoQ10.  In practice, if there is a particular need for CoQ10, getting enough from dietary sources is extremely difficult.

Also just sometimes referred to as CoenzymeQ10 or just Q10




Each vegecap provides

Coconut oil 200mg

Co-enzyme Q10 100mg

Black pepper extract standardised to 95% piperine 5mg

Tapioca starch - *Non-GMO extract used to turn oil into powder

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Capsule - vegetable cellulose.

Free from soya, wheat, gluten, dairy, yeast & GMO


There are over 300 additives approved for EU use!

Other Brand Example 1

Co-enzyme Q10 60mg. Sunflower Oil, Glycerin Monostearate, Capsule Shell (Starch, Glycerin - of vegetable origin, Sorbitol, Carrageenan, Monoglycerides - of vegetable origin, Iron Oxide, Carnauba Wax, Medium Chain Triglycerides).

Other Brand Example 2

Sunflower Seed Oil, Capsule Shell (Modified Starch, Glycerol, Gelling Agent: Carageenan, Colour: Iron Oxide), Co Enzyme Q10 30mg, Glyceryl Monostearate, Polysorbate 80.



2 vegecaps per day are recommended for at least the first three weeks.

Then 1 - 2 vegecaps per day with food.

If you have severe heart disease or are taking any medication, consult with your health practitioner. 

Not recommended during pregnancy.

I am looking forward to trying your products - It is difficult to get products that are truly pure with no additives - Margaret

I just love your ideology and what you stand for, that your supplements are retained in their most purest form found in nature; with no additives, no fillers, no gunk, junk or artificial "anything". This is the fastest and most efficient way the human body will "respond" to supplements in this additive free furthermore. A bit like your deliveries & customer service, fast and very responsive!

Hello again Jane,
Lovely surprise, thank you for the Waveberries! Sure. You can use whichever bits you feel relevant. Most people have no idea that they are taking supplements which are of very little use whatsoever. If I can spread your name further, and my contacts do the same, then the ripple becomes the wave: which is so relevant to your choice of name!
Thanks again,
Paula x

Hi there, order received first thing this morning. Very pleased and satisfied both with the impeccable fast delivery and ease of ordering, communication, price and product! Will use again and recommend. Kind Regards Jenny

Brilliant service and next day delivery, love it!

Having previously bought my supplements from a well known retail outlet, My daughter told me about all the additives in most "cheaper" brands , so looking this up on the internet for more information, I found your website and was amazed at the information about these additives.  I look forward to continuing to use your products

I am very pleased that the full ingredients are the two listed this is very unusual. I only discovered your website today and am very impressed and I was further hooked in by your fast response especially on a Saturday! Thank you for being so helpful I will place my order now

Just a message to say THANKS for your fast service. Keep well & have a great weekend. Warmest regards Ulrich

I just wanted to let you know that my parcel arrived as was promised with everything in good order, and I also want to say thanks to you for your advice, and for the great service!

thanks very much! have received my supplements very quickly - so lovely to find such a great company - your whole ethos is wonderful - am very glad to have found you! best wishes Alison

I think the Seventh Wave products are fantastic and it would seem that you offer a service to match. Thanks again!

Thanks for the encouragement, it's good to know that people care enough to encourage other people to stick to these natural ways of enhancing and healing the body.And thanks again for the advice on the fruit. Best Wishes, Linda

You ask for our comments about your supplements. I have been feeling much better recently, and so assume that your supplements have something to do with this!! Thanks Lilian

It means a lot to me that the likes of stearates should be omitted from natural products so I am so glad I found your site. Thanks again for your care for the caring people of this world, off to order now, bye, Love Sheila

Thank you so much for notifying me of my refund. may I say your customer service is second to none. I hope I will be able to make use of your services in the future. Yours sincerely, Maureen



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