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Serrapeptase and Eye Floaters

Eye floaters can be a very frustrating health issue to deal with. They appear as dots and trails and "squiggles" in the eyes, very small, and these move around as they are focused on.  Sometimes these can be black, and sometimes a very pale alomost see through colour.  Although in the majority of cases they are harmless, they can interfere with the vision in bad cases.

Typically they appear as part of the natural aging process, but they should of course be checked by your optician.

For many people, stress and anxiety can make eye floaters worse, and in some cases even cause the appearance of these.  If this applies to you, please see this article.  Natural Ways to Ease Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

But of course, nutrition (as always) is relevant here. For example, the concentration of vitamin c is extremely high in the eyes.  When we consider that stress can sometimes rapidly deplete vitamin c levels, this relationship itself may be relevant.  We supply a 100% natural vitamin C in the form of Acerola and Rosehips.  Whilst we have no studies to refer to, we would recommend doubling the normal daily amount and taking 4 vegecaps a day.

This brings us on to Serrapeptase. We have had one anecdotal report from a customer regarding success with this and eye floaters, hence began our interest in this subject.   There appears to be no evidence or research on this, but it would seem logically that nutritionally this wonderful plant enzyme could be helpful for this matter.  We cannot make "medicinal claims", but the natural way the proteolytic enzyme Serrapeptase works could certainly have great potential.  With regard to the Serrapeptase amount, we would recommend you take 4 a day for at least a month.

Save 20% on Serrapeptase and Acerola

This is an area we are continuting to study with interest.  Should you have an issue with eye floaters, and want to try these two supplements, please use the code FLOATERTEST and save 20% on these two, this applies to both Serrapeptase and Acerola.  *One use per customer.

All we would ask is that you contact us to let us know if you have experienced any success. 

Dietary Aspects

Please also be mindful that your diet is going to really help matters.  Keep it natural, free of processed foods and packed with quality fruit and veg for good antioxidant levels.  If you are experiencing dry eyes alongside Eye Floaters, as well as the Serrapeptase and Vitamin C, do consider adding good levels of omega oils. This could be via dietary forms - oily fish twice a week has so many wonderful health benefits, or you may find supplemental fish oil helpful, or if vegetarian, then Hemp Oil is a very balanced oil.

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