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17 Signs of Good Health and Vitality

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“Good health" is a phrase often used, but how healthy are we really?  

These 17 signs are clear indications of a strong foundation of health.

If you can tick all these boxes -  FANTASTIC!!

If there's any element you need help with, let us know, we provide FREE health advice and support. You can open up the help desk and chat online, or email or call us.


  •  Clear, bright skin and eyes
  •  Strong teeth, gums, nails and hair
  •  Fresh breath and body odour
  •  Meals are digested with ease – no gas, bloating, heartburn etc
  •  Feeling energised when you wake, good energy level through the day
  •  Regular, healthy bowel movements
  •  Clear urination
  •  Wounds and bruises heal quickly
  •  Joints and muscles flex with ease
  •  Efficient circulation
  •  Consistent temperature
  •  Free from cravings for certain types of food and drink
  •  Able to maintain a suitable weight for your height and build
  •  Rarely affected by colds, flu and other infections
  •  Clear and focused thinking, good memory and concentration
  •  Even and balanced temper
  •  Able to tolerate stress well


If you need any help in selecting supplements, or general health and nutrition advice, please do contact us, we will be so happy to help you.   And use code IAMNEW to save 10% on your first order.

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