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Salt Awareness Week 2017

One of our favourite weeks of the year when we get to talk about Healthy Celtic Salt and debate the issues across the media.

The press typically roll out lots of nutrition nonsense, it's always interesting to see the week develop!  And you can save 20% on the Salts using SALT2017 from 20th - 26th March.

This year the theme is The Forgotten Killer - quite dramatic for something that GIVES us life! And Salt is literally essential for life itself, but the right type makes all the difference.

The CASH organisation that run the campaign reaches many people, telling them to dilligently check labels and monitor their intake. But all this hidden, refined salt is in processed food. Wouldn't it be easier to simply tell people to...

EAT REAL FOOD and let's be clear, this most definitely includes real salt.  Low salt is no healthier than low fat, and we explore this more in the first article below. For now... World renowned authority on the role of diet and heart disease, Dr David McCarron, issued a stark warning to the UK Government in 2007

“My view is that it is very likely that low salt will ultimately prove to be another public health disaster. There is already sufficient evidence to suggest that low salt could actually result in increased risk of cardiovascular disease"

We recommend and supply the Celtic Sea Salt  and we are very happy and proud to do so, it is delicious, and so good for you.

Below are several articles discussing the issues for you to enjoy and explore. But PLEASE if you have any questions, or need any help, then do let us know.


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