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Grass Fed Cows - Better Nutrition

Hot on the heels of the news this week that free range, organic eggs have more vitamin D, today it's news on grass fed (pasture fed) cows.

Certainly not news to us that are passionate about real food nutrition... it is an absolute basis of the work of the Weston A Price Foundation, and similar pioneers, that grass fed cows are happier, and the produce has higher nutritional value.

But this new piece of research from Ireland is good to see.

Levels of healthy fatty acids, protein and casein were higher. As were the CLA and Beta Carotene.

Interestingly, the mik was considered to taste better too!

So once again, a strong piece of research that putting animal welfare as a priority is good for them and human nutrition.

For reference, if you do use dairy (and many of our customers choice not to, here's our article on Making a Vegan Diet Work), then we recommend full fat and organic for the best nutritional value, and unhomogenised milk.

We are very proud to stock the Fermented Cod Liver Oil as recommended by Weston A Price foundation, and the complementary Butter Oil with the X Factor.

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