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Does Natural & Additive Free Mean Organic?

Additive Free Naturally - we've been waking waves in the supplement industry for 11 years!

We support and endorse the use of organic food and wherever possible, all of our staff choose organic for ourselves and family too.   You will see us discuss the issue frequently in our articles and free information.

Occasionally we'e asked if our supplements are organic as well as natural and additive free.  The vast majority of our range, over 90% IS certified organic.  However, we cannot market, nor label our range as certified organic.  Here's a look at why...



For any product to be labelled certified organic, each step of the supply chain must hold their own license.  So from the grower, to the manufactuer, and finally the end retailer.  In our case, said licensing is in place at all points up to us.  We choose not to add the additional cost of the final retail license.

We have looked at the issue a number of times over the years.  And whilst we do endorse organic, and indeed the certification process, many customers do not.  We are trying to change the world of mainstream supplements, so we feel our "USPs" (Unique Selling Points) of being natural and additive free encompass all that we are about.  Adding organic to this would add cost to the end RRP and put some people off. 

We are already perceived as being a little more expensive than some.  That's because manufacturing 100% additive free means a slow process that is more expensive.  You can read more on this issue here -

For now, we feel we can reach more people by keeping our prices as low as we can. And having built our business during the two worst recessions in history, we feel remaining competitive is important to all of our customers.


Good News

The good news however is that we stand by our products being the absolute best in the British marketplace. They are natural, additive free, and by and large organic also. 

We hope that if you review our site, our ethos and integrity, you will see we stand by quality as our absolute foundation, but when it comes to the organic issue, it is a very complex area.

Our position may change in the future of course.  Until then, it's just 100% natural and additive free but we are proud to be the only UK brand to me made 100% this way, as we have been since 2007.

Any questions or confusions, as always, please do get in touch.


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