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Celtic Salt (Coarse) 5kg

5kg pack; saves you a fabulous £19.80 on the small 1kg Coarse Celtic Salt

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There are so many uses for the Salt. This value size means you can use it more freely for so many things  - cooking, bathing, dandruff, scrubs etc - read more here.

In depth information about this healthy salt on the original small Celtic Salt page

In brief here, this Authentic Celtic Salt not only tastes good, but is so good for you. And we recommend it for everyone seeking to improve their health and vitaltity.

And here is some more in depth reading for you to explore...

  • Comparing Celtic Salt and Himalayan Salt we are often asked how Himalayan Salt compares with the celtic salt. It is a valid and interesting question, and one we thought we should cover in detail. 
  • Which Celtic Salt to Choose? some customers are unsure which celtic salt might suit them best, here's some simple guidance, and you might be surprised how many uses there are for these very healthy, mineral rich salts!  
  • Making Sense on Salt Awareness Week salt is essential to life itself, but it needs to be the right sort - celtic salt being the very best nutritionally.  We discuss the health issues in full below.
  • Sam Biser Interviews Jacques de Langre this Californian biochemist studied celtic salt for over 30 years. His two books “Seasalt’s Hidden Powers” and “Sea Salt, the Vital Spark for Life” are well worth seeking out
  • Is Celtic Salt Suitable as an Electrolyte Supplement? a lack of electrolytes will directly cause this. But why fork out for expensive supplements when celtic salt does the job perfectly!


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Packaging and Pricing

This salt is exactly the same, but half the price of the expensive "branded" and trademarked Celtic Sea Salt that travels from France, to America and then the UK!

It is packaged by the Sel de Guerande cooperative themselves under their own brand and packaging and we buy direct from them.

The vast majority of the cost of the Celtic Salt is due to the weight of it coming firstly to us from France, and then to you via the postal service.

So we are very pleased to now be able to bring this 5kg bag which offers fantastic value.

For the original small bag of Coarse Celtic Salt click the link



Celtic Salt (Coarse) 5kg

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